Staff Directory


Anna Pavan, Executive Director, 905-853-5514 ext. 225

For general inquiries:

Tamara Dubey, Receptionist, 905-853-5514 ext. 221

Fund Development

For information about donations and monthly giving:

Caitlin Gladney-Hatcher, Fund Development Coordinator, 905-853-5514 ext. 226

For information about volunteering or events:

Jill Jambor, Community Engagement Coordinator, 905-853-5514 ext. 239


Kim Kipp, Nutrition and Resource Coordinator, 905-853-5514 ext. 232


Sarah Joy Herzog-Masci, Program Manager, 905-853-5514 ext. 227

Jacqueline Dawe, Program Coordinator, 905-853-5514 ext. 231

All Babies Count Prenatal Nutrition (ABC)

Sally Freitas, ABC Supervisor, 905-853-5514 ext. 233

High School Program

Kelsey Nicholls, Child Development Centre Supervisor, 905-853-5514 ext. 228

Melene Popa, Teacher, 905-853-5514 ext. 222

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.