In 1982, a group of compassionate York Region residents saw the need to create a safe community for pregnant young women who wanted to keep their baby and had nowhere to go. This group, in collaboration with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, opened a home in Aurora for prenatal and parenting young women in need.

When Rose of Sharon became incorporated in 1985, the agency moved from residential support to day programs in Newmarket to respond to a wider breadth of needs. Later, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the York Catholic District School Board, an academic educational program was developed. The first classroom was opened in 1992, offering young women a chance to continue their high school education. Additionally, Rose of Sharon began to provide parenting and individual supports to help meet further developmental needs.

Today, under our Parenting and Personal Development Program model, we offer an array of programs and services designed to meet the needs of a young mother. Individual counselling, prenatal and parenting programs, life skills workshops, high school education and a food and clothing depot collectively support a family’s needs today and help them build a bright future.

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