Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Empowering young mothers to embrace their strengths and support the future they envision for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

Opening doors and empowering futures.

Our Values

We honour courage by embodying acceptance, empathy and respect for every individual.

We foster connections to create meaningful relationships and a culture of belonging for young mothers.

We embrace diversity by creating open and welcoming spaces and programs.

We develop innovative practices to meet the evolving needs of our families.

In 2022’s annual Participant Survey, young moms self-reported the following improvements:

      • 85% have improved sense of self-worth
      • 84% have increased hope for the future
      • 85% have improved family stability and a greater ability to manage unhealthy relationships in their life
      • 83% have improved parenting capacity and understanding of developmental stages
      • 91% have improved decision making skills for themselves and their children
      • 81% have improved interpersonal relationships and social supports they can rely on during crisis

Changing lives, shaping futures.

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