Email-transfer your donation!

You can log into your bank account online and easily send Rose of Sharon a money transfer using our email address


To send an Interac e-Transfer:

To send an Interac e-Transfer, all you need is the recipient’s email address.
1. Login into your online bank account.
2. Choose Interac e-Transfer within the Transfer/Payment menu options
3. Select a recipient by entering an email address (
4. Fill in the donation information (dollar amount, account from which to withdraw the funds, a security question that only the recipient will know the answer to and optional personal message)
5. Follow the instructions to confirm the information and complete the transfer.


It’s a simple, secure way to send a donation directly from your existing bank account, and money can be accessed immediately after your Interac e-Transfer is accepted!

Never worry about sharing your personal financial information with the people you send money to: your address and account information are kept private

A security question protects your money from being deposited by unintended recipients

No need to set up new accounts, user ID or passwords — you’re already in online banking. Easy!

An email and/or text message carries the notification only, not your funds. Your financial institution uses existing payment networks to transfer the money to any financial institution in Canada.


Tracking your Interac e-Transfer

As a sender  Interac e-Transfer confirmation numbers are saved in your online banking history. In addition, you will receive an email notification and/or text message once the intended recipient has accepted the transfer.


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